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There isn't anything in the modern digital world that isn't evolving and changing all the time. The same should apply to your website. You must stay on top of your game and make sure you're covering the most recent trends if you want to keep your audience interested and your content appealing. Otherwise, you run the danger of coming across as irrelevant and stale.

You can easily modify your site and give it the needed facelift using a website builder like Network Gate SaaS. We'll show you how to efficiently update your website with our clear guidance.

What motivates website updates?

Before you start a major website upgrade that includes a redesign (a challenging process that can take considerably longer), think about whether a few little changes might be enough to advance your website. Understanding website design is one thing; maintaining frequent updates is quite another.

Here are some reasons to update your website if you're unsure whether it needs some little website maintenance:

  1. The style is antiquated.
  2. Sales have dropped at your online store.
  3. You are reevaluating your whole SEO strategy and keyword targeting.

Provide easier navigation with Plan b and other critical site metrics.

Eight steps to updating a website

From your side nothing, just relax and read.

We will do for you:

  1. Review your current content and design
  2. Check your website’s data
  3. Evaluate your competitors’ websites
  4. Gather inspiration
  5. Add powerful multimedia elements
  6. Align your design to current trends
  7. Perform simple A/B testing
  8. Optimize your SEO

Examine your present content and layout

Giving your current website a careful analysis as the first stage in your website update. You aren't producing any new material at this time; instead, you are merely determining what is successful and what is unsuccessful. You'll be able to clearly state all the details that require updating if you do it this way.

Check the quality and relevancy of your visual assets, such as photographs and videos. Look for anything that appears old, pixelated, or otherwise blurry. Images that are out-of-date or inconsistent with your current brand identity might be found.

In some circumstances, you won't necessarily have to delete the photographs totally. Instead, you may make them more lively by using online media editing tools. Also, pay attention to how quickly your website loads. The user experience on your site may be significantly impacted by outdated video files that are too large.

Written material: Peruse the written website content in addition to the visual elements of your site. Search for any broken links as well as any missing or inaccurate data.

You might, for instance, have old blog entries that are no longer relevant or mission statements that don't quite speak the same language as your brand. Perhaps you could expand on a specific good or service you're offering, or you could change the wording on your call-to-action button to encourage more clicks.

Verify the data on your website.

In addition to carefully examining your website's front end (the area that visitors see), it's important to review your own website analytics. You will have a better understanding of your audience's behavior and how to modify your website to more effectively meet their needs.

You can track the traffic to your Network Gate SaaS website by integrating analytics and monitoring technologies. You'll be able to see crucial data like your bounce rates, the most popular pages, and the average time visitors spend on each page (meaning, how many visitors left your site without interacting with it at all).

When you have a better understanding of your consumers' actions, go one step further and investigate their possible motivations. Consider what is different about that page if a lot of visitors are abandoning it without engaging with it at all. Is there more text here than elsewhere? Does it load more slowly now? These types of insights will help you make more informed decisions when updating your website.

Through the use of analytics and monitoring tools, you may monitor the traffic to your Network Gate SaaS website. Important information like your bounce rates, the most popular pages, and the average amount of time visitors spend on each page will be visible to you (meaning, how many visitors left your site without interacting with it at all).

Go one step further and look into your customers' potential reasons if you have a deeper understanding of their behavior. If many visitors are leaving that page without engaging with it at all, think about what has changed. Is this a place with more text than others? Does it currently load more slowly? When updating your website, these kinds of insights will enable you to make more intelligent choices.

Investigate the data of your rivals to advance your evaluation. With the help of the metrics you choose, you will be able to assess how popular your website is in comparison to others. If this seems difficult, don't worry; there are helpful website analytics tools made specifically for this purpose.

For instance:

  • You can use the search bar on SimilarWeb to input your domain name or the domain name of a rival. It then generates a comprehensive report of traffic estimates in a relatively easy to use interface.
  • A highly rated SEO (search engine optimization) tool called SEMRush gives you information on the organic and paid traffic to any website.
  • Check out Ahrefs' 'Site Explore' area to see how the traffic of your rivals has evolved over time and make comparisons.

Obtain motivation

This is the perfect moment to take a close look around and better understand your market. Search for ideas by looking at websites from related businesses and your own to see what inspires you.

Consider other sources for inspiration, such as design museums or graphic design periodicals. Perhaps something completely unrelated to your field—like a color scheme you spotted in a store window display or a concert poster—will also inspire you.

It's time to use what you've learned to improve your website after searching both the online and offline worlds for ideas. However, be careful not to change too many small elements. In the end, you're only looking for little touches you can make to elevate your site.

Include strong multimedia components

Even if your website has the most interesting and high-quality information, it won't work if it doesn't look the part. First impressions count when it comes to online design, according to research. Visitors to your website who find it visually appealing are more likely to stay on it even if they have problems finding the content they're looking for.

Checking whether your website adheres to the fundamentals of design is an excellent place to start. Additionally, incorporating eye-catching visual components into your site can help you develop a distinctive design that will set you apart from your rivals and immediately draw in your audience. Think of ways to improve, alter, or add design elements to your website.

Thankfully, you are not developing your website from scratch, so there is no need to start from scratch with all of this new content. There are many options if you're unable to now afford the time and money needed for a comprehensive photoshoot. Instead, scan your website to determine if any of the current photos could use some updating.

To modify your photographs, experiment with solutions like Network Gate SaaS Files management. With just one click, you can remove backgrounds from your images and add filters and other eye-catching effects. You can also explore this fun and adaptable Vector Art collection or browse this free library of high-quality pictures to use for your requirements.

Use an online video editor to create excellent promotional movies from your videos or still images if you want to give your website a more dynamic vibe. To develop compelling material that will attract in your viewers, incorporate text, music, and special effects.

Adapt your design to the prevailing fashion

If you haven't been keeping yourself regularly informed, it might be difficult to get a thorough understanding of current web design trends. This does not imply that you must be a qualified website designer. To stay current and smart, though, you need keep your eyes open as a website owner.

Check the websites of your rivals frequently to see what they are doing. You'll be able to monitor and spot any modifications or adjustments made to their websites, such as the increased prominence of video or the inclusion of pertinent sections.

Reading articles about web design trends in publications and blogs is another approach to remain current. Additionally, spend some time perusing social networks with a focus on design.

Additionally, spend some time perusing social media sites with a focus on design, such Dribbble and Behance. They place a lot of attention on visual design, which includes animation, typography, illustration, and UI design inspiration. By doing so, you'll be able to develop a thorough understanding of what's happening in the larger field of graphic design and perhaps apply some trends to your own website.

Carry out basic A/B testing

It's a good idea to test your upgraded website utilizing A/B testing after you've made a few modifications to it. In this type of testing, two versions of your website are made, and tests are run on each of them to gather data on traffic and user interaction. It will enable you to make informed judgments and adjust your website as necessary.

You could test two different CTAs, for instance, to determine which one encourages users to click on it more. Alternately, switch out a photo slideshow on one of your web pages for a full-screen video. Then you may compare the two types to determine which one performs better.

We will improve your SEO

Last but not least, keep in mind that you want to be easily discoverable on search engines like Google by your target demographic. Even if you've already made efforts to boost your SEO, it's still worthwhile to assess it when you redesign your website. Along with new photos that need alt text, you'll also have more pages that need optimized URLs.

Researching keywords is a smart place to start. Keywords are two to five word phrases that potential clients who are looking for a company like yours might type into search engines. Check out these expert free SEO tools to determine the ideal keywords and phrases to target in order to improve your chances of ranking higher.

How do I find out more?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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