Microsoft Applications

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, and Internet technologies for business and personal computing.


The Network Gate solution for Microsoft Exchange Server allows organizations to easily provide increased performance, security, and availability to ensure maximum ROI for Exchange Server deployments.


Network Gate remote access and data center application acceleration solutions provide secure, accelerated access to the SharePoint Server for remote, mobile, and branch office users.

Unified Communications

Network Gate Networks works closely with Microsoft to deliver the network services needed to create a highly available, responsive, and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of Microsoft Unified Communications over a single converged network.

WAFS/File Services

Network Gate's integrated WAN optimization solution addresses the challenges that impact application performance and file-sharing over the WAN.

VMware, Xen, KVM

Network Gate and VMware, Xen, KVM have teamed up to provide enterprises with solutions that help reduce the cost of data center and network virtualization. Network Gate’s network and security virtualization capabilities complement Xen, KVM, VMware’s server, desktop, storage, and infrastructure virtualization capabilities.

Increased Reliability and Flexibility for Improved Business Continuity

  • VMware Network Infrastructure 3 provides the highest level of data protection, including nondisruptive backup and restore processes and reduced downtime.
  • Juniper Networks EX4200 provides increased throughput and decreased latency, enabling VMware VMotion to operate across distances of several kilometers.

Lower Data Center TCO and Reduced Complexity

  • VMware ESX for server consolidation can reduce hardware and operating costs by up to 50%, energy costs by 80%, and server provisioning by up to 70%.
  • Juniper Networks Data Center Infrastructure Solutions reduce enterprise network complexity and provide savings up to 52% in capital expenditures, up to 44% in power and cooling, and 55% in rack space in the data center infrastructure.
  • Junos OS automates enterprise network operations, minimizes complexity and risk, and reduces operating costs by up to 25%.

Using EX Series and MX Series with VMware ESX

Our white papers explain server and network virtualization design considerations when using EX Series switches and MX Series Ethernet Services Routers.

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Network Gate VoIP

Network Gate VoIP solution ensures that the network infrastructure is ready to support high-quality voice and video, protecting it against threats and misuse, and assuring performance and availability.

The Challenge

Businesses are turning to IP telephony to reduce costs by consolidating multiple services onto a single network infrastructure, enhance productivity with unified messaging and other new tools, and increase mobility by enabling workers to access the same voice networking features while telecommuting or traveling that they would use in the corporate office. However, to move mission-critical voice networking applications onto a converged IP network infrastructure, enterprises require an IP telephony solution with robust routing and security to provide an assured voice experience across the enterprise network infrastructure.

The Network Gate Solution

Network Gate secure and assured voice networking infrastructure offers the advantages that enterprises need to implement VoIP network infrastructure solutions. These include predictable service quality, high availability, pervasive security, and flexible deployment support. By pairing Network Gate routing and security appliances with their IP PBX, enterprises can provide employees with an assured voice networking experience throughout the VoIP network infrastructure. In addition, Network Gate secure and assured voice networking infrastructure uses an open, standards- based platform, ensuring that the VoIP network infrastructure solution will continue to meet an enterprise’s routing and security requirements as its VoIP network infrastructure evolve.

Products You’ll Need

Enterprises use Network Gate secure and assured voice networking infrastructure along with their third-party hybrid/IP PBX to deploy comprehensive IP telephony solutions. |Network Gate| secure and assured voice networking infrastructure complements hybrid/IP PBXs by adding expertise required to deliver voice services across the WAN. The Network Gate products for this VoIP network infrastructure solution include routing, switching, security, and WAN application acceleration platforms.


Network Gate together four fundamental aspects of growing your IT team

Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition

Network Gate source and allocate skilled engineers so that they’re ready to start quickly.



Network Gate developers seamlessly integrate into your IT team.

Professional development

Professional development

Network Gate provide ongoing support to our developers to keep their skills sharp.


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