Strategy and Advisory Services

Every business eventually needs the kind of information that internal workers cannot provide. By enhancing your current knowledge with the proper fusion of business and cybersecurity advice, we help you develop, innovate, and compete more effectively. Establish your priorities and direction while properly allocating resources to improve and expand your company.

Product-specific Expertise

Simple tactics can only get organizations so far in their journey. To address this, we adopt a customized strategy and match management with the most qualified firewall consultants, intrusion prevention consultants, SIEM consultants, network access control (NAC) security consultants, antivirus security consultants, and vulnerability scanning consultants.

Security Program Design

In the digital age, protecting confidential and sensitive client data is essential to doing business. We collaborate with clients to develop a framework for cyber security that outlines company goals, evaluates risk, establishes tolerance limits, and prioritizes gaps. Then, we can put your program into effect, update staff on policies and best practices, and train staff to anticipate and respond to events.

The penetration testing report.

Network Gate The Penetration Testing Process

Keeping up with all the initiatives and operational responsibilities that call for qualified cyber security resources has become difficult. It's anticipated that this difficulty would persist through and after 2020. We are available to help if your business needs cyber security experts. To address operational difficulties, our security consultants are available on demand or full-time.

Cyber Security Consultants

  • Product Specific Security Experts
  • Firewall Consultants
  • Intrusion Prevention Consultants
  • SIEM Consultants (QRadar, Splunk, Log Rhythm, AlienVault)
  • Network Access Control (NAC) Security Consultants (CISCO ISE Consultants, ForeScout CounterACT Consultants)
  • AntiVirus Security Experts and Consultants
  • Vulnerability Scanning Consultants (Qualys, Tenable Nessus, IBM App Scan, Rapid7 etc.)
  • Cyber Security Project Managers
  • CISO Consulting Services and vCISO Services
  • Vendor Risk Management Consultants
  • Penetration Testing Consultants
  • Vulnerability Management Consultants
  • CISCO Security Consultants
  • Web Application Security Consultants
  • Incident Response and Forensic Investigator Consultants
  • Compliance Experts
  • SOC 2 Compliance Consulting
  • CMMC Compliance Consulting
  • GDPR Consultants
  • HIPAA Consultants
  • PCI Consultants

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Vulnerability Management Part of Penetration Testing Services We Provide.

Network penetration testing on the outside. We identify potential entry points for network attacks where users from outside your business without the necessary authorizations or credentials could access servers or other network hardware that is linked to the internet. After testing security measures with a fake attack, we compile and deliver to you a cybersecurity evaluation of the results, along with advice and solutions you can use to fix the problem.

Network penetration testing inside. We assist businesses in reducing the risk posed by internal threats to their corporate network. Internal testing examines how employees or insiders might cause a breach either through negligence, malice, or the unintentional download of an application, such as ransomware or malware, which has the potential to bring down an entire network, whereas external testing looks into potential entry points that remote hackers could use to enter networks.

Penetration testing for web applications. We look into potential risks and weak spots that your company's numerous internet-based applications may present. Web apps give important points of entry into credit card, customer, and financial data and may be quickly accessible from anywhere in the world. The security of the implemented solutions and controls is examined by vulnerability assessment services, which then offer suggestions and methods to prevent access to any data that may be held there.

Testing for Wireless Penetration. We offer ethical hacking services and bring extensive experience in a variety of wireless technologies to look into and find potential entry points into your internal network. This entails audits of security controls and threat assessments for both conventional Wi-Fi and customized systems. After that, we assemble our findings into a cybersecurity assessment report that includes suggestions for limiting the harm.

Penetration testing for social engineering. We assess employees' comprehension of your company's information security policies and procedures so you may determine how easily an unauthorized party might persuade staff to share sensitive information. During social engineering penetration testing, badge access points, fictitious phishing assaults, or password change requests could be used. Then, we'll make suggestions on how to boost performance through training or fresh procedures that assist staff in better safeguarding sensitive data.

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Network Gate SaaS Cyber Security Services

SaaS Technology

Technology: PHP 7, PHP 8, PHP 9, ASP.Net 5.0
Frameworks: ASP.NET | MVC3, PHP | MVC, Code Igniter, Zend and Cake PHP, Lavarest, Network Gate
Database: PHP | My SQL 2019, ASP.NET | MS SQL 2019 server
Front-end technologies: Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, XHTML, HTML5, Responsive, Twitter Bootstrap
Servers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), GoDaddy, Hostgator, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace, Network Gate
Third Party Integrations as per project requirement – Artificial Intelligence, Chat, Video Conferencing, Weather, Streaming, Newsletter, MLS, Payroll, Sales Tax, Payment Gateway, Digital Signature, Background Check, Contact Grabber and more

Network Gate Vulnerability Management

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Drive Traffic to your Website. Simple scan the site. It's easy to take penetration testing of your site, just register, login and order the testing.

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Network Gate professionals with an average over 20 years of experience can get your orientated product by a given deadline.
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  • 10,000 unique visitors
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  • Send data to analytics tools
  • SSL Security
  • Daily backups
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