Network Gate SaaS Loan Authorities

Loan authorities module allows you to add loan provider authorities. Loan authorities can be Bank, NGO, family members, friends, etc. After creating Loan authorities you will be able to ass loan from these authorities.

Required fields to create a loan authority
Name => Name of the loan authority. It can be a Bank name, NGO name, Family member name, Friend name, etc.
Contact Number => Contact number of the loan authority.
Cash Credit (CC) Loan Limit => A cash credit comes with a borrowing limit determined by the creditworthiness of the borrower. A company can withdraw funds up to its established borrowing limit. You can write the limit here.

Note: In order to delete any authority, you need to delete the loans for this authority first. Deleting any authority will delete the loans and the account balance. So we recommend you to use the delete option very carefully.