Network Gate SaaS Assets

Asset management module helps you manage your company assets and their deprecation. We have implemented straight line depreciation method to calculate the deprecation. You can also create assets without any deprecation. In order to create any asset, you need to create an asset type first.

Required fields to create a loan payment
Asset Name => Name of the asset. You can enter any name.
Asset Type => Type(Category) of the asset. Select an asset type from the list.
Asset Cost => The current value of your asset. Enter a number as the asset cost.
Depreciation => If the asset has deprecation then select yes otherwise select no.
Depreciation Type(If the asset has deprecation) => Select a deprecation type. You can select yearly deprecation or monthly deprecation.
Salvage Value(If the asset has deprecation) => Salvage value is the estimated book value of an asset after depreciation is complete.
Useful Life(If the asset has deprecation) => The useful life of an asset is an accounting estimate of the number of years it is likely to remain in service for the purpose of cost-effective revenue generation.