Network Gate SaaS Quotations

Quotation management helps to improve your sales. You can create a quotation and then send the quotation to your client. Later if you get approval for the quotation you will be able to create a sell from directly the quotation. A quotation will not have any impact on the inventory. In order to create a quotation, you need to create Client, Products, Purchases, and VAT Rates, first.

Required fields to create a quotation
Client => Client to whom you are sending the quotation. Select a client from the list.
Select Products => Products that you want to include in the quotation. You can select single or multiple products from the list. After selecting a product add the quantity and the price.
Quotation Tax => Tax that you want to use for this quotation. Select a tax rate from the list.

Note: A purchase can have only one damage purchase(One-to-one relationship between Purchases and Damage Purchases).