Network Gate SaaS Products

Products are the most important elements of the system. After completing your setup you need to create your products. In order to create a product, you must create a category and sub-category first. To add stock you have to purchase that product. The product purchase price will be calculated automatically based on the purchase history.

Required fields to create a product
Item Name => Name of the item. You can enter any name.
Item code => Item code that will be used for the barcode. The code will be generated automatically. But if you want you can use your own code.
Barcode Symbology => Symbology for the product barcode. Select a Symbology from the list.
Unit => Product unit. Select a unit from the list.
Product Tax => Tax for this product. If you don’t want to use any tax then create a vat rate with a 0% rate and then select the rate here.
Tax Type => Select a tax type. If you select inclusive then the selling price will be the same as the regular price and the Tax will be included within the price. But if you select exclusive then tax will be added with the regular price so the selling price will increase.
Regular Price => Your product price. The selling price will be calculated based on the regular price.