Network Gate SaaS Non Purchase Payments

Non Purchase payments module helps you manage non-purchase dues and payments for your suppliers. Using this module you can bring your supplier dues and payments from your previous software to Network Gate SaaS. You must create a non-purchase due first in order to create non-purchase payments.

Required fields to create a non-purchase payment
Supplier => Client to whom you want to add due or sent purchase payment. Select a supplier from the list.
Type => If you want to add non-purchase due then select due otherwise select add payment to sent payment.
Amount => Due amount or the paying amount.
Account(If you select add payment) => The paying account. The amount will be deducted from the selected account. Select an account from the list. The available balance must be greater than the paying amount.

Note: In order to delete any non-purchase supplier due, you need to delete the non-purchase payments first. Deleting any non-purchase payment will add the amount to the account balance. So we recommend you to use the delete option very carefully.