Network Gate SaaS Invoices

Invoices can be referred to as sales. The invoices module allows you to manage sales for your products. By creating invoices the stock quantity of products will be decreased and by deleting invoices the stock quantity of products will be increased. When creating an invoice you can add a payment directly from the create page or you can do it later from the payments module. In order to create an invoice, you need to create Clients, Products, VAT Rates, and Accounts first.

Required fields to create an invoice
Client => Client to whom you are selling. Select a client from the list.
Select Products => Products that you want to sell. You can select single or multiple products from the list. After selecting a product add the quantity and the price.
Invoice Tax => Tax that you want to use for this invoice. Select a tax rate from the list.
Account(If you wish to add payment) => The account that you want to use for this invoice payment. Select an account from the list.

Note: This is a relational module. If you delete any invoice then the invoice return and invoice payments will be deleted automatically. Deleting any invoice will increase the stock quantity and will delete the invoice payments which have an impact on the accounts that you used to receive the payments. So we recommend you to use the delete option very carefully.