Network Gate SaaS Invoice Return

Invoice Return module allow you to manage products return for any invoice. By creating invoice returns the stock quantity of products will be increased and by deleting purchases the stock quantity of products will be decreased. You can create a maximum of one return from any specific invoice. The cost of return products will be adjusted with the invoice due automatically. If the cost of return products is greater than due then the due will be adjusted and the reaming amount will be deducted from the account as Account Payable.

Required fields to create a invoice return
Supplier => Supplier to whom you are returning. Select a supplier from the list.
Select Products (Optional) => Products that you want to return. It will filter your purchases and will show the specific purchases that contain the selected products. It helps when you forgot any purchase number.
Purchases => List of the purchases for the selected supplier. You can select any purchase from the list and it will show you all the products for the selected purchase.
Account(If cost of return product greater than due) => The account that you want to use to sent the Account Payable. Select an account from the list.

Note: A invoice can have only one invoice return(One-to-one relationship between Invoices and Invoice Returns).