Network Gate SaaS Invoice Payments

Invoice payments module allows you to manage invoice payments. Using this module you can create payments for invoices. While creating invoice payments you can select single or multiple invoices and add payments for the selected invoices. In order to create invoice payments, you must create invoices first.

Required fields to create a invoice payment
Client => Client from whom you want to receive invoice payment. Select a client from the list.
Select Invoice =>Invoices for which you want to receive payments. After selecting a client you will see the due invoices of the selected client. Select at least one invoice from the list.
Account => The receiving account. The total amount will be added to the selected account. Select an account from the list.

Note: If you delete any invoice payment then the invoice due will be adjusted automatically. Deleting any invoice payment will deduct the amount from the account balance. So we recommend you to use the delete option very carefully.