Network Gate SaaS Dashboard

All tenant users’ home page or dashboard. Tenant will be able to obtain an overview of the system from this page. Our clients may view Revenue, Sale Return, Purchase Return, and Profit figures for today, the previous seven days, the current month, and the current year with just one click from a stunning dashboard we have created. The data and infographics will be blank at first. However, after data has been added to the system, renters will be able to see the statistics and infographics. The left-side navigation makes it simple for tenants to access any module.

Dashboard Graphs and Statistics

Each statistic and chart’s details are available to tenants below.

By default, the summary widget will show you the daily summary of your purchase, purchase return, sales, sales return, client payment, supplier payment, expense, and balance transfer amount. From the right side, you can use the filter to see weekly, monthly, and yearly summaries.
Top Selling Products
Top Selling Products Pie chart will show you the most selling products for the running year. From this chart, you can get an idea about your best selling products and help you to maintain your stock.
Recent Activities
The recent activities widget will show you the maximum six very least invoices, purchases, expenses, and transactions. In order to see the full list, you can go you go to that specific page using the left sidebar.
Payment Sent vs Payment Received
The payment Sent vs Payment Received Line chart will show you the monthly comparison between the payment sent and received for the running year. The payment received includes client payments and loan payments(Received) on the other hand payment sent includes supplier payments and the loan payments(Sent).
Top 5 Clients
The top 5 Clients leader board shows the customer with their maximum buying amount. It will show a maximum of 5 customers with their total amount and total invoice number for the running year.
Stock Alert
Stock Alert table shows a maximum of six products with current stock. The products displayed are in ascending order based on the stock quantity.
Sales vs Purchases
Sales vs Purchases Bar chart will show you the monthly comparison between the sales and purchases. Here the amount has been calculated after deduction of the sale return and purchase return amount.