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Your First Steps:

Decide who will “own” security

Information security decisions must be made at a level above IT, by those with the funding and authority to support their choices.

The position of Security Officer must be filled. It doesn't have to be someone with technical training. Your security officer's role is to comprehend the security framework and ensure that everyone is adhering to it while working with a team that consists of HR, Finance, and IT.

A consultant cannot be the security officer. It must be a corporate employee who is in a position of authority to guide all divisions.

You will also require a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), who is educated in both security and IT management, if your company's systems reach a particular size and complexity. A consultant can perform this duty, and many businesses hire part-time consultants as "virtual" CISOs because the average CISO compensation is above € 200,000. A CISO with extensive expertise may be yours through Network Gate.

Choose the proper security framework

Network Gate keep your business running with remote virtual standby for emergency application failover and failback.

You must first determine what “secure” actually means for your business. Your plan is your security foundation. It outlines your current location, your desired destination, and a route for getting there. You can’t fully respond to the question “Is our information secure?” without the necessary structure.

Based on the widely-used framework created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the U.S. Department of Commerce, BCSS may assist you in selecting the appropriate security framework (NIST). (NIST standards are impartial to vendors; they don’t try to sell you anything.)

Some companies don’t need to adopt a security framework because one has already been forced on them, either by industry rules like HIPAA or PCI or by customers who are pushing their providers to provide stricter data protection. If that’s the case, we can assist you in navigating that framework, comprehending precisely which provisions apply to you, and demonstrating the simplest, most effective approaches to adhere to them.

Choosing a suitable security framework involves deciding how much risk you are willing to take. Some businesses must operate as tightly as possible. That doesn’t make economic sense to certain people. We can advise you on where to set the standard.

The following question arises after you have a security architecture and are aware of your risk tolerance: Who will be accountable for this?

Phase One: Evaluation

The evaluation of your physical security, virtual security, and the suitability of your business's security policies and processes make up the first part. The evaluation provides a response to the question, Are we upholding our security framework? If not, what should be altered?

Physical security: We'll look physically for any means by which someone may obtain information that they shouldn't be permitted to have. Are the doors to your servers locked? Are there any workstations that guests may access? Workstations that have users logged in are those that are not being used. There are countless locations to search for these wall fractures.

Virtual security: We'll use software tools to check your network for vulnerabilities. They'll reveal things like linked gadgets you weren't aware of, hardware that hasn't received the most recent security upgrades, and whether a weak network design has left you open to hackers.

Security guidelines and practices: We'll enquire about procedures in order to look for dangers. What happens to a person's phone and laptop after they leave the company? How do people utilize flash drives among you? How do you dispose of outdated computers? Do you have a documented process in place for bringing on new users? Can you attest to who carried out these actions and when?

Because the dangers are always evolving, a security evaluation must be performed each year.

Phase Two: Remediation

We'll create a fundamental strategy for reducing the hazards that were found during the evaluation to start the remedy phase.

You'll need to choose who will do each cleanup work after we and your security officer have discussed the remediation strategy. Your internal staff can handle everything if they have the time and knowledge. If not, we can split up the jobs and work with your team or we can handle it all ourselves. In any scenario, we can oversee your project to make sure it is completed correctly.

Getting the business practices right is equally as important as correcting the technology during remediation. These include security awareness training, hiring and firing procedures, and checks and balances to ensure that your employees are acting responsibly.

Phase Three: Monitoring

Security is a shifting target, necessitating monitoring. It's possible that this month what kept you safe last month won't.

Different businesses require various levels of security oversight. The simplest level would be to annually update the security evaluation. More sophisticated firewalls, security monitoring systems, login systems, intrusion prevention systems, or other proactive scanning systems could be required after that. You might need to outsource monitoring to a Security Operations Center (SOC) with full-time security personnel who have more training than most IT personnel if your firm is required to comply with regulations like HIPAA or PCI or if you store particularly sensitive data.

From minimal to extensive monitoring, Network Gate can set it up for you. And we can reach you.

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