Artificial Intelligence and Business

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help companies operate in the 21st century? How might it impact organisations and employees?

AI has been around for years, but now it seems that it is taking the business world by storm. According us, it will fundamentally reshape organisations. “Human capital will start to shift from mundane tasks and transactions to higher-order and creative work. Along the way, we will see massive businesses where the technology transforms specific job functions,” it tells me.


More and more big companies are trying to outsource their processes to machines or at least break them apart into pieces that can be automated, which may be a major concern to an unskilled layer of workers but can also be a stimulus to spend those saved costs on creating more qualified specialists in the missing areas instead.

Cloud Processing

The booming cloud infrastructure of corporate giants is becoming widely available for anyone to experiment with machine learning for almost nothing, things that took researchers years and millions of dollars back in 2005 cost almost nothing now. And this opportunity is open to anyone, which creates a huge pool of homegrown talent driving more and more accomplishments in the field.

Deep Learning

One of the main breakthroughs recently was a mainstream application of deep learning as a method to discover more intimate relationships between undiscovered in advance aspects of data, to the extent of eliminating human teacher from the equation.

This is how Google Translate tool accidentally created it’s own language that describes all human languages in a single feature field, which makes it super efficient at translating any language.

If we think of the impact the internet has had over the last 25 years on the wider society, not least on businesses, it has been revolutionary. And, it has had some big implications for organisations and their workers.
Now, AI is coming. In 25 years’ time might it have the same impact? Perhaps, the sooner we try to understand AI the better.

Chatbots that Use Machine Learning: How Are They Changing?

The way chatbots operate and communicate with visitors has undergone a complete transformation thanks to machine learning. Machine learning and its application with bots have given us the conversational AI bots we are familiar with today.

It should come as no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) is now being incorporated into the industry in a world where firms seek ease in every aspect of their operations. AI chatbots are one example of this integration in action.

In essence, an AI chatbot is a computer software that simulates human dialogue. It makes it possible for intelligent speech or message exchange between a human and a machine. Chatbot with machine learning is made to function without the assistance of a human operator. AI bots provide a competitive advantage since they constantly create leads and reply inquiries by interacting and offering real-time answers. AI Chatbots are computer programs that you can communicate with via messaging apps, chat windows, or voice calling apps.


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